Why Does My Dog Love My Bed So Much?

Does your dog love your bed so much and have the habit of ditching his bed for yours whenever he wants to lie down? If yes, he may have good and bad reasons for doing it.

Why Does My Dog Love My Bed So Much

Your dog loves your bed so much majorly because of his love for you. Other reasons could be that he loves the warmth/smell of your bed, wants to protect you, doesn’t like his bed, or feels safe only on your bed. It could also be that he’s lonely, feels left out on his bed, or feels entitled to your bed.

There are more this. So let’s get to it:

He Loves You

Dogs are lovely animals that find it easy to love their owners unconditionally. And similar to humans, dogs showcase this love in different ways.

Most dogs show that they love their owners by jumping on them, wagging their tails, licking them, cuddling with them, keeping soft eye contact, and more. So if your dog loves to lay on your bed, it could be his love language.

This way of showing love may seem unexpected, but there’s a reason for it. When a dog lays on your bed, it brings them comfort and security. This is because your bed smells like you and reminds them of your presence. And since he loves you, he’ll want to be around anything that reminds him of you.

He Wants To Protect You

If your dog keeps trying to lie on your bed, it could be due to his in build instinct to protect you.

As you must know, dogs are descendants of wolves. And although they have gone through domestication, they still possess some wolve-like behavior like moving in packs.

As animals that move in packs, they are always conditioned to protect, watch and stay with one another. Thus, if your dog can’t stay away from you and always wants to lie on your bed, it could be due to his instinct to protect, watch, and always stay with you.

German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, Rottweilers, and Golden retrievers are most likely to be clingy to you due to their instinct to protect you.

He Likes The Sheet and Warmth of Your Bed

Another likely reason for your dog likes your bed so much may be that he likes your bed sheet and the warmth of your bed.

Take notice of the period he lays on the bed. Is it after you change the bedsheet or when you’re lying on it?

If he loves to climb on the bed after you change your bedsheet, then there’s a chance he loves the smell. It probably reminds him of your smell. It could also be that he likes the quality of your sheet linen and can’t get enough of it.

If he loves to jump on the bed while you’re on it, he probably likes the warmth you give to the bed while on it.

dog laying on owners blanket and beddings

He Doesn’t Like His Bed

One of the most likely reasons for your dog’s newfound behavior may be that he does not like his bed. And since he finds his bed uncomfortable, he’ll move over to somewhere that gives him comfort, which in this case is your bed.

It’s either he’s lying on your bed or the sofa. So take notice of where your dog lays and if he loves laying on his bed.

If you notice that he doesn’t like lying on his bed, consider changing his bed if you don’t want him lying on yours.

He Feels Safe On Your Bed

If your dog keeps lying on your bed even if he has a comfortable bed, then there’s a high chance that he feels the most secure and comfortable when on your bed.

This is usually the case in rescue dogs with a history of abuse. Once they feel comfortable around, they develop an insecure attachment that makes them want to be close to everything that smells like you – this gives them a sense of security.

He’s Lonely and Feels Left Out On His Bed

Another likely reason for your dog’s behavior could be loneliness. According to experts, most dogs tend to exhibit unusual behaviors when bored and lonely.

Some of the behaviors include extreme clinginess and destructive behaviors like excessive chewing and howling, barking, licking, pacing, sleeping, and more.

If your dog displays any of these behaviors in addition to his extreme love for your bed, then you should know that he’s probably lonely and sometimes feels left out in his bed.

He Feels Entitled To Your Bed

This may sound out of place, but there’s a high chance that your dog feels entitled to your bed, hence his behavior.

Most dogs have a sense of entitlement that makes them feel entitled to their owners’ space, attention, and property. Thus, if you notice that you find it hard to control your dog, and if he keeps trying to do things his way, he must suffer from a sense of entitlement.

He Needs Attention

Your dog’s need for attention is another likely reason for his extreme love for your bed. When dogs need attention, they do everything to get it.

It could be that you’re always on your bed and not giving your dog as much attention as before. So to get your attention, he opts to stay with you on the bed.

To be sure that your dog loves your bed due to his need for attention, here are some other behaviors he’ll tend to display alongside.

  • Nipping and play biting
  • Crying and whining
  • Excessive barking
  • Increased Pawing
  • Scratching, Chewing, and more.

He Likes To Stretch Out

If your dog loves your bed so much and refuses to get off it, it could be that he enjoys being on it as it helps him stretch out when laying down or sleeping.

dog stretching out on owner bed

Most dogs are circle sleepers – they form a semi-circle shape when they sleep. So a circular bed is just enough for these types of dogs. But if your dog is not a circle sleeper, he’ll need a mattress that allows him to stretch out as much as possible. In this case, your bed becomes the best option for him.

Lack of Training

Lack of training could also be the reason your dog likes your bed so much. If he hasn’t received enough training on where to sleep, he’ll automatically assume that your bed is the right place – this is usually common in baby dogs with no sense of reasoning.

You can encourage the behavior if you don’t mind your dog lying on your bed. However, it is advisable that you provide training to your dog in order to let them know how to pee, how to eat properly, and the right place to sleep – this will help them in the long run.

Does My Dog Love Me If He Sleeps On My Bed?

Technically, it’s a Yes. If your dog sleeps on your bed, it means that he loves you.

Dogs are social animals who are conditioned to move in packs. And members of this pack usually include family and dogs they love and trust. As a pack, they hunt, eat, and sleep together.

However, in order to sleep together, they must trust one another and believe that the other will protect them in the face of danger while they sleep. They also sleep together in order to protect the others.

If your dog loves to sleep with you on your bed, he’s trying to protect you from harm while you sleep due to his love for you.

Final Thoughts on Why Your Dog Loves Your Bed So Much

It is natural for dogs to be drawn to our beds for a multitude of reasons. Dogs have an innate desire for comfort and security, and our beds provide them with a soft and cozy environment. Moreover, dogs are social animals, and being close to their human companions is essential for their emotional well-being.

So, while it may be inconvenient at times, it is perfectly natural for our furry friends to love our beds so much.

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