Dog Keeps Going Outside to Lay Down (Here’s Why! + 6 Tips)

How do you feel when you lay in the comfort of your cozy shelter while your dog keeps going outside to lay down (in the wildness of the cold night?)

Is it strange to you that Fido prefers the great outdoors, or are you missing out on something? It’s not always obvious to us why our dog would rather sleep outside than saddle with the warm cozy ambiance of the indoors.

To begin, this could occur for a wide variety of factors.

Fido could be trying to avoid the noise because he’s tired of the commotion inside or perhaps, he feels the need to keep an eye out for danger. On a lighter side, he may simply be acting on his own preference.

Even so, a dog owner’s path is inevitably going to be littered with worries. Such as, what would happen if your dog slept outside, whether or not he would be safe, and why he insists on sleeping outside at night.

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If you’re stumped by these questions and want to know what’s causing your dog’s new behavior and how to stop it, keep reading.

Reasons your dog keeps going outside to lay down


A dog is one particular animal that cannot be cut out of social life. Canines are social animals that enjoy playing with both humans and themselves.

As much as dogs wag their tail in joy at the sight of their owner, so do they derive pleasure and joy in playing and socializing with their peers.

dogs outside to socialize

Dog-on-dog play is one beautiful way dogs use in gaining vitality, mental health, stability, happiness and confidence. The list is inexhaustible! Socialization with other dogs is one thing your dog may not get from staying indoors, hence, it prefers staying outside where it can mingle and play with other dogs.

Mating Purposes

Dogs, like humans, derive gratification from mating. They want to go out and find that bitch guy or stud who could be attractive to them! This may sound bizarre, but research according to Britannica shows that “male dogs are usually promiscuous and are known to mate with any available female”

Estrous females- females in their heat period would often love to wait outside to mate with their male counterparts. This may be a genuine reason why your dog may want to lay outside knowing that its chances of copulation are quite reduced by staying indoors. So next time your dog lays outside, check if she is in her heat period!

Temperature Control

Imagine the sweltering summer days when you feel like falling in a lake during the noon or the extreme cold that leaves your face and body all frosty and cold in winter? Don’t you think your little dear fido could experience this too? 

And just like you cool off at the beach on a hot summer in broad daylight, your dear fido may want to do the same for himself by just getting deep in the pool or enjoying a sleepover outside! 

Many dogs have thicker fur than others and this could make them unusually warmer than usual, as such, may love to take sleep out at night to take in some fresh air.

Fido seeks comfort

Jack wants to be comfortable in his habitat! Everyone wants comfort in his confinement and dogs are not left out of this cycle. They would go to any length to suit themselves in the best habitat.

Some dogs may view the rooms as too cluttered for them and as such need some sort of rejuvenation somewhere outside the house.

Also, your pet may want to have some quiet by trying to eliminate noise. These noises include baby cries, household appliances, TV/electrical gadgets, and phones. This also may be a reason why your pet may insist on sleeping outside.

Protection Purposes

dog with security gear protecting his environ

The assurance of enjoying a good night’s rest knowing fido is on the watch!

In some dogs, it’s just purely instinctive for your dog to stand guard while the most vulnerable pack members sleep through the night, and there’s no better guarding post than the outside.

More so, dogs that stay outside tend to identify intruders quickly.

Dog breed matters

Your dog’s out sleeping behavior may depend on its breed. Some breeds of dogs prefer sleeping outside; some love sleeping inside while others may alternate between sleeping inside and sleeping outside. 

Before you become anxious about your dog sleeping outside, make sure you understand its breed.

For instance, Siberian Huskies are bred to adapt to the harsh conditions of the great outdoors. Hence, they’re more likely to prefer camp outside than take on the cozy bed or crate inside.

In addition, Huskies are known to be inquisitive and would often explore their environment at every slightest opportunity. So it wouldn’t be a great idea to confine such dogs to indoor housing.

Things to consider when leting your dog sleep outside at night

Exposure to Zoonotic Diseases

Dogs who sleep outside often come down with zoonotic diseases like rabies. These are diseases transmitted by animals to humans. Rabies is a viral disease very common in dogs. 

The rabies virus is virulent in humans and other pets. It is spread to both humans and animals in the same way, through the saliva from a bite wound. Dogs who sleep outside are more susceptible to contracting and transmitting rabies than indoor pets.

The effects of rabies on humans are usually inimical and deadly. Such a person may experience pains, delirium, hallucination, seizure, hyperventilation and eventually death.

This is one reason why your dogs should stay indoors.

He Could Get Lost

How painful it is to lose a pet! It’s more like losing a loved one. Allowing your dog to sleep outside could endanger it as he is more liable to attacks by swindlers.

This could toll on the social, and mental health of such a person or family, especially the loss of a very close pet.

Decreased Social Life

Coming back from a busy day at work the home is deserted, solitary and unusually calm. Fido is nowhere to be found and there is no one to cuddle you or caress your body with its wagging tail! It’s such a depressing experience.

The absence of a loved pet in our homes can be so depressing and sad. .

The truth of the matter is that we cannot stop our dogs from sleeping outside if they want to. There is no need to force your dog to stay indoors unless you want to aggravate the whole situation because they would act out.

Ways To Make Sleeping Outside Comfortable For Your Pet!

Ways To Make Sleeping Outside Comfortable For Your Pet!

It can always be difficult forcing your furry companion to accept a sleeping position he doesn’t enjoy. If your dog prefers the outdoors to sleeping inside, then you should let him as long as he stays out of trouble.

However, you should always take the following precautionary measures depending on the season and climatic condition at the time to ensure your furry friend stays safe.

Ensure the outdoor is enclosed and secure

Often, we hear cases of missing dogs ending up in the kennel. While this may not necessarily be a case of dogs running away from their home due to bad treatment, your dog could be distracted by other animals, and while they make a run for it, they could easily get hit by a car or lose their way in the process.

Add an extra layer of protection by putting up a fence. A wired mesh would do the trick if you can’t afford luxury fencing.

Always provide food and clean, fresh Water

The basic needs of life are usually top of every living thing’s priority. They are a necessity for life. Endeavor to make clean, fresh water available at all times to your dog. Their foods are very important as well.

Beds And Mattresses 

Ensure your dogs sleep on a neat and clean bed and mattress. You can fix the bed and mattress on the kennel outside with a heater or warmer to make the kennel warm.

Alternative Ways To Make Your Dog Comfortable

Use A Leash

Strolling with your dog on a leash can be a better way to help your dog experience the outer world. It’s not so imperative to leave your dog all day at home without taking a stroll with it. This little exercise could serve as a breakfree time for your pet.

Crate Training

Using an outdoor crate is one way to ensure your dog is perfectly safe when outdoors. Perhaps, your dog just prefers to be left outside irrespective of the fact that it’s still in a confined space like an outdoor crate. In this case, crate training your dog will enable him to understand that his outdoor crate is the best place he can be rather than roaming around.

Final thoughts on why your dog keeps going outside to lay down

In summary, if your dog repeatedly goes outside to lay down, it may be seeking comfort, a change of environment, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Ensuring a safe and comfortable outdoor space is essential for their well-being.

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